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Green Tea Ice Cream Mini Cup

mini cup

häagen-dazs matcha green tea ice cream

At Häagen-Dazs, we go to great lengths to make our ice cream. In our Green Tea Ice Cream we use exquisite matcha, a very precious ingredient that gives our Green Tea Ice Cream a deeply intense, fragrant and refreshing flavour. Now in a mini cup just for you!



Cream, Condensed Skimmed Milk, Water, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Green Tea Powder (2%) (Contains Permitted Flavouring (For Malaysia Use Only))

Nutritional Information

per 100ml
Energy (kJ) 910
Energy (kcal) 218
Fat(g) 13.7
   of which saturates(g) 8.2
Carbohydrates (g) 19.4
   of which sugars 18.7
Fibre (g)
Protein (g) 3.9
Sodium (mg) 53

*Contains milk, egg ingredients. This nutritional information is accurate as at time published and maybe subject to change. Please refer to declaration on pack for the most up to date figures.

green tea minicup

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